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We have 5 different sizes for

whole cakes, from No.1 to No.5.

Sizes in diameter is as followings: 

No.1 : 13cm

No.2 : 16cm

No.3 : 19cm

No.4 : 22cm

No.5 : 25cm

For Last Minute Cake Orders &

Any Special Request

If you need last minute cakes, please do come into our shop or call us - 09 200 9946 - as we will always have some options for you.


Order needs to be done at least three days before you pick up in order for payment system to be completed 

We only make cakes in our ranges, however, please do contact us if you have some special requests from our cake ranges as we will try our best to satisfy your requests. 

Cancellation Policy

Please be advised that 24 hours Cancellation Policy will be applied for all of our orders.

For cancellation of orders made via "Order Online" on our website, we are unable to make a full refund - this is due to the commission fee charged by our payment platform "Stripe".

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